Loft style interior design. Room decor and interesting ideas for household

It reflects an owner’s lifestyle. Loft style allows to realize creative ideas for household: make unusual furniture decor with your own hands, interesting articles, create bright eye catching furnishings. Loft decor suggests everything extraordinary, unusually shaped and non standard – any interesting ideas. Other interior styles don’t give you such freedom. Beams, brick walls, pipes, outdoor wiring, open shelves and racks, minimum furniture and maximum space are the main features of the loft style. The room must be light and spacious, that’s why the ceiling and the walls should be covered with snow white latex paint. The brick or concrete wall does not need to be plastered: the more natural the walls look – the better. Premises designed in loft style are divided not into rooms, but into functional zones. It makes the room look more spacious.

Hall area in a large studio room. The old heating system painted red has become an unusual decor item. The white brick walls are a perfect background for charcoal drawings. When the novelty of the drawings wears off, you can erase them and make new ones. The supporting upper beam has been painted black and a matching black shoe cabinet has been placed underneath. A usual hook has been replaced with a black wrought tricycle.
Everything is unusual in this room: every decor element has its character and style. That is why a coat hanger for this hall should be out of the ordinary and add to the individual style of the room.
Specialist shops offer a big variety of parts for craft articles from wood, fiberboard, plywood, cardboard. They can be used for implementing interesting ideas for household and creating self-made furnishings which will make our interior design stand out from the crowd. The parts on sale are not painted.This stylish coat hanger is cut out from glued multi-layer plywood. It needs to be painted black (in our case) to match the colors of our Loft-style hall.
By the way, if you call a coat hanger trempel, you are from Kharkov. This word has been used in Kharkov since the 19th century when a German manufacturer named Trempel hung clothes produced by his factory on coat hangers with bright logos of his company – “Trempel”. This way he made his family name immortal.
As a rule, ideas for hand-made decor involve decorative painting of wood, plywood, particleboard, painting wooden furniture.
Often you haw to paint wooden articles of sophisticated shapes and constructions. It will be a shame to spoil an interesting article by making a mistake while painting a wooden item.Aerosol paints are the simplest and the most comfortable way to paint wooden articles at home. If you stick to the simple rules, you will get a good result.

Preparation of a wooden surface for painting

The first stage of the preparation is polishing the surface with fine sandpaper. There are many burrs along cutting edges of plywood and particle board. If we don’t remove the burse, the article will not look nice.
The next stage is very important: we need to degrease the surface and remove dirt, fingerprints, and pieces of glue. Universal aerosol degreaser is recommended for articles of sophisticated shapes.

Priming before painting

Plywood, fiberboard, particleboard, timber are porous and rough materials. To avoid inconsistent soaking and sagging of paint all wooden articles which were not painted before should be primed. Primer coat will make the surface smooth, fill in pores and gluing lines. It will also prevent the paint from soaking in and significantly decrease paint consumption.
We can use primer for timber in a regular can and apply it with a brush or in an aerosol can. We used primer universal NEW TON of a gray color.
Primer aerosol BIODUR dries fast and is easily applied. It is perfect for preparation of different household articles made from timber, plywood, fiberboard and particleboard.
Shake the can before using for 2-3 min. Apply the primer from 25-30 cm distance. Bonding places should be primed with two coats.

15-20 min after priming plywood enamel can be applied. Similar to primer, a can with enamel should be shaken. Enamel should be applied in several thin layers – not one thick layer. 15-20 min later turn over the article and apply enamel on the other side.

Aerosol paints are much better for painting plywood, fiber board, particle board, and wooden furniture. The spreading capacity of one can is 2-2.5 м2. To prevent enamel in the can from drying up turn the can injector downwards, press it and spray the paint till the flow gets transparent. Thinner will wash the injection system and the can is ready to be used again.

Painting of wood is over.

The painted coat hanger elaborately fits In the Loft interior design. Its curves are reflected on the wall.

We hope that these ideas for household decor and our Loft style interior will be useful for all people who like creating unusual unique pieces of art.
Create your own unique interior design, decorate your room with interesting articles. Do not be afraid of experiments! Dream and create!


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