Acrylic enamel

High-strength quick-drying acrylic enamel. Forms a durable glossy coating resistant to mechanical impacts and weathering. Has a stable shade, does not fade in the sun and does not lose gloss. Has a high UV resistance and durability. Resistant to temperature changes.

Designed specifically for minor redecoration, painting, restoration of the paint coat of cars, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, snowmobiles, agricultural machinery, water scooters, speed boats, etc.

Used for painting metal, glass, concrete surfaces in order to obtain high-quality coating. For exterior and interior use.

  • Spreading capacity (depending on coat thickness) 2,3 – 3,0 м2
  • Drying time 7-10 min at 25°C

Range of colors

500 ml
500 ml
Mat black
500 ml
All colors