Construction marking spray

Construction marking spray — paint for signal marking. Acrylic fluorescent paint with high brightness for professional marking at a construction sites of residential and industrial facilities, all stages of road repair and construction, woodworking, geodesy and topography, mining, industrial fields and logistic locations, maintenance of municipal infrastructure, landscape design, sports competitions. Highly visible on asphalt, concrete, bricks, clay, sand, grass, wood, glass, metal and other surfaces. Ergonomic cap allows to use gloves when working with the spray and not get your hands dirty. It’s convenient to use thumb to blow paint. The paint dries quickly (7-10 minutes). Drying time depends on the type of surface, ambient temperature and humidity.

  • Paint can be used at any angle (vertically or horizontally) – a special “360°” valve is installed.
  • The paint contains a bright fluorescent pigment and remains noticeable for 6-12 months.
  • The paint is moisture resistant and can be applied on a wet surface.
  • Resistant to sun and UV radiation, atmospheric impact.
  • Allows to draw a clearly visible line with a total length of 300 meters.

Range of colors

400 ml
400 ml
400 ml
All colors